backup and sync

How to modify Webroot backup and sync settings?

Webroot SecureAnywhere complete editions include a special feature Webroot Backup and Sync manager, which automatically sync your important and irreplaceable files from the computer system to the Webroot cloud. Once backed up, these files can be accessed anywhere anytime.  With this feature, you don’t need to put any extra effort to copy your file to the cloud that is an online warehouse of the servers to encrypt and store the data.

backup and sync

Steps to Modify Backup and Sync :

You can easily sync your files and folders, store the files in the magic briefcase, copy files to the online archive, and perform a number of other tasks to back up your data. Webroot Secure Anywhere also provides you the complete freedom to change the backup and sync settings anytime. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the system tray
  2. Double-click the Webroot icon to view the main interface
  3. Now, hit the Advance Settings option and you will see the install settings sub-pane
  4. Choose Backup & Sync
  5. Now, select/deselect the checkbox to enable/disable a setting
    1. If you accidentally disable or enable a setting then go for Reset to defaults button to restore these settings
    2. And if you fail to do so, call the Webroot  support team for help
  6. You can make changes to
    1. Ignore hidden files and directories
    2. Ignore system files and directories
    3. Show Windows explorer overlay icons
    4. Do not archive while running on battery power
    5. Do not archive when a full-screen application or game is running
    6. Enable access to the Webroot cloud from Windows Explorer
    7. Warn when quota usage exceeds
    8. Do not upload files larger than the specific size
  7. Hit the Save button, when you are done with the changes

During the entire process, if an error occurs then reach out to the Install webroot Antivirus with keycode team.

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