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How to use Webroot SecureAnywhere’s antimalware tools?

With the increase in the online threats, is it recommended to install strong, reliable as well as cost efficiency antivirus, who provides a total protection as well as multi-layer protection like Webroot antivirus.

Webroot SecureAnywhere is one among the other products of Webroot antivirus which gets compatible with all the devices more or less. The product is entirely clog based antimalware software for Windows and the user-interface is simple. It is used for both spyware and malware removal tool for Windows.

Webroot SecureAnywhere’s antimalware tool provides tools that manually remove the threats and performs the action along with the threat of removal. One can use these tools only if they come under the advanced user or with the help of Webroot Support team in grabbing the tools.

Antimalware tools of Webroot SecureAnywhere, let you perform –

  • Focus on a particular file for scanning and removal, along with the removal of the associated registry links (if any)
  • Install a removal script with the help of the Webroot Support
  • Restart the system after removing the threat yourself or by using the removal script.
  • Reset your Wallpaper, screensavers, and system policies.

Webroot support

Check out the steps for Webroot install of the antimalware tool and accessing the same-

  1. You need to open the main interface.
  2. Select the ‘PC Security’ and click on it.
  3. Click on the ‘Quarantine’ tab.
  4. Select the ‘View Tools’ button, under the ‘Antimalware Tools’.
  5. The Webroot SecureAnywhere’s antimalware tool panel opens up.

Note- If you fetch any issues while installing and accessing the Webroot SecureAnywhere’s antimalware tool then feel free to dial Webroot Customer Support number to get instant support from the technical team.

Look out for the Webroot Antivirus Download antimalware tool with the description as well as with the instruction-

  • Reset Screensaver- If your PC got infected with the malware that has changed your systems screensaver then click on the ‘Checkbox’, followed by ‘Run tools’.
  • Restart in Safe mode- If Webroot Support team instructs you to restart your PC in SafeMode then click on the ‘checkbox’ followed by ‘Run’ tools.
  • Manual threat removal- To scan a specific file for threats then click ‘Select the file’.

Note– In the Windows Explorer dialog, select the file and save it. Webroot SecureAnywhere launches a scan. After the scanning gets complete, restart your system.

  • Perform an immediate system restart- To restart the system after the threat removal. Click on the ‘Checkbox’ followed by ‘Run’ tools.

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