Webroot SecureAnywhere

How to use Webroot SecureAnywhere installer?

Webroot SecureAnywhere is not just any other antivirus software, it detects and scans your system and protects you from online surfing by blocking the harmful websites. Webroot SecureAnywhere takes down the spyware who tries to steal your information and shares with others.

Webroot SecureAnywhere

 In case you wish to use Webroot SecureAnywhere installer file then go for using any one of the methods mentioned below-

  • Install Webroot SecureAnywhere on each endpoint.
  • Send emails to the end users- by clicking on the link as provided in the email template to install the software.
  • Go for using the additional commands with the executable file to use it in the background.
  • Go for using the command-line options with the installer to deploy the endpoints that are behind a proxy server.

Note- If you wanted to avail any Webroot product services on your system then feel free to contact Webroot Support team for the same.

Check out the steps to use Webroot SecureAnywhere installer as provided below-

  1. Download the Webroot SecureAnywhere installer file on the endpoint. The installer file is available from the ‘Resources tab’ or by clicking on the link (anywhere.webrootcloudav.com/zerol/wsasme.exe)
  2. In the installation panel, enter the keycode. And in the ‘Resources tab’, the keycode is shown.
  3. Click on the option ‘Change installation’ at the bottom of the installation panel (optional) and set these options:
  • Create a shortcut to Webroot SecureAnywhere on PC
  • To avoid infection go for randomizing the installed file name.

Note- This option changes the Webroot installation name into any random name to avert the malware from detecting and blocking Webroot’s installation file.

  • From getting change, protect Webroot SecureAnywhere files, processes, and memory.
  • Modify the language.


  1. Select the option ‘Agree’ followed by ‘Install’.

Tips- During the installation process, Webroot SecureAnywhere software runs an immediate scan on the endpoint.

If you face any issues while using the Webroot SecureAnywhere installer file then you can dial Webroot Technical Support Number to get assistance from the best technicians.

In case, you wish to send an email to the end users so that they can get  by themselves-

  1. Select the ‘Resources’ tab.
  2. Click on the email template link and it gets open in the panel below.
  3. You need to cut and paste the text into the email message. The link will automatically add up the correct keycode for the user. Later, it sends the mail to the users.

Note- Clicking on the link will begin the installation process and it gets installed on the background, silently. After it’s all done, Webroot icon appears in the endpoint’s system tray.

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